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Today we started our day greeting our friends in the Yard. The children enjoyed putting the sand from the floor in the wheelbarrows and play in the sandpit. Aria went for a holiday with her family in the last week and brought some shells to share with us. The children were very curious about it. Everyone got the opportunity to hold different shells. Parker decided to put the shell on his ears and said to everyone “I am listening to the ocean” and then Miss Thais asked the children to put the shells on the ears to listen to the ocean.

We read some books “Thomas feeling” and “Kindness” and also sang our Good morning songs. After morning tea was time to dance. Miss Jenna came to our room and set up some colors on the mat. During the dancing, she asked the children to find the colors. They all participated very well.

Miss Maddi made some blue playdough for us today and we decided to add the shells into the playdough. Ivy was very proud of herself when showing to Miss Thais the shell shape that she did saying “I did”. Parker said “I am making a butterfly” and the children were very engaged during the activity.

This afternoon we are going to explore the Yard again.

Love Miss Thais and Miss Maddi