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Hello to all of our families and welcome to our Friday, here we are at the end of another wonderful week in Toddlers Two Room!!!

Today we welcome our friends Dominic, Kezia, Latika and Quinn with Miss Thais.Today we started our morning in the yard playing with our friends from Toddlers One. It was a good morning with a beautiful day outside!

After playing with our friends it was time for the transition to our new room. We stopped on the way to wash our hands and went straight to the table where we waiting for our delicious morning tea. Today they showed us how good they are at handling the spoon.

Later in the morning Miss Jen arrived in our Room with maracas and music to dance. Was time to practice our Funky Feet dance lesson!!! The children started to dance along to Baby Shark, 5 Little monkeys, Freeze and others songs…

After Funky Feet dance lesson they sat at our art table and drew on the blackboard with crayons. We also played in Home corner, with puppets and ball.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!

Miss Thais