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Happy Friday♥

Hello families and friends and welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room.

What a fun filled Friday we have all had and I look forward to sharing with you what we all got up to!

Morning indoor play:

  • Connecting with the blocks
  • Enhancing on our problem solving skills with puzzles
  • Cooking away in home corner
  • Exploring a variety of free activities and spontaneous play throughout the morning.

Outdoor morning play:

  • Practicing our great balancing skills as we climb the obstacle course with our friends
  • Swinging through the breeze with Miss Jess on the swing
  • Navigating freely around the playground
  • Exploring the sandpit
  • Zooming around on the bikes
  • Climbing through the playground with smiles

After our fun filled morning it was then time to come inside to cool down and to relax on the carpet where we joined Miss Shae and Miss Hope for group time. In todays group time we did a few songs such as ” Open, shut them” and ”Happy Birthday” to our friend Mathias who’s birthday is tomorrow!!! We then sang our transition song to wash hands before morning tea. All children are becoming so confident in saying their names and for giving it a go! We love seeing all children blossom each day♥

When we had all finished morning tea we helped to clean up before we got ready to help make Mathias’s cupcakes to celebrate his birthday♥ The children all had a turn at mixing together the egg, water and cake mixture. They all thoroughly enjoyed doing this and being apart of making the delicious cupcakes. Afterwards we helped cleaned up before Miss Jenni came for DANCINGGGGGGG!!!!! WOOHOOOO!! We were all VERY excited for dance today and to see Miss Jenni. The children LOVE expressing themselves through dance and it is way too cute♥ Even the teachers had a fun time dancing away.

We then popped our hats and sunscreen on where we went to dive right into the activities Miss Hope set up outside for us all to explore and enjoy. The children drew freely with crayons, chalk and also painted the timber stage with water and paintbrushes. The imagination that children have is endless and absolutely amazing to see what they come up with. The children then went to explore more of their outdoor environment spontaneously before we came inside for lunch and a well rested sleep♥

This afternoon we had a whirl of fun to end the week in the beautiful outdoors with a cool breeze and sun rays♥

Thank you all for this week, we hope you all have a safe and lovely weekend♥

See you all next week.

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Shae xx