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Glorious Friday

Hello and welcome to our fantastic Friday here in the Toddlers Two Room! WOW we are in OCTOBER!

What a beautiful journey it has been today, and I look forward to telling you all about it.

This morning the children were able to hop on outside where they set foot to start their morning adventure. There were many leaves and small sticks laying on the ground which grew attention from the children as they began to collect them as they decorated their sandcastles! Reading books on the veranda was a nice way to relax and chill out! Their favourited thing this morning was defiantly swinging high in the breeze with one another.

We then joined together inside for group time. In group time today Miss Jess read one of their all-time favourites ‘’Pirates in Pyjamas’’ They truly love this book and were very engaged throughout. Afterwards they washed their hands for a scrumptious morning tea.

Indoor exploration:

  • Role-playing in-home corner as they feed their ‘babies’ and make ‘food’ or ‘tea/coffee’ for one another.
  • Driving the cars around the room and on the floor has been a big hit lately as a lot of children gravitate towards this area.
  • Building different creations with the magnetic connectors with Miss Alecia.
  • Letter recognition as they place different magnetic letters on the boards.
  • Funky Feet with Miss Jenny! For dance today the children danced to ‘spooky Halloween’ music and had to keep watch of Miss Jenny as she held up the red spot (meaning freeze/stop) and the green arrow for GOOO. They had a groovy time with one another and dancing to the spooky music.

What a wonderful morning it had been and now it was time to help pack away as we skip on outside for another journey and investigate the sensory letter activity Miss Hope had set up for us to all enjoy and dive into!

Miss Hope placed the cups and bowls that had a letter inside and were frozen overnight on to the table. The mission was to crack open the ice to reveal the hidden letter! This was a great way to enhance and extend on what we have been learning throughout this week. When they had discovered all letters, they freely explored throughout the playground before they came inside for a tasty lunch and energised rest for this afternoon joyful time.

Thank you all for what has been an amazing week

Have a safe and lovely long weekend, See you all next week,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Alecia xx