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Happy Friday

Good afternoon and welcome to our fabulous Friday with your superstars! This morning the children were happily venturing around the playground. Swinging high in the breeze with glee to riding the bikes, using their wonderful imagination as they make scrumptious cakes in the sandpit. What a fun morning it has been before we transitioned to inside on the group mat with everyone ready for a story. Miss Jess read ‘’The Bear and Flea’’ Throughout this book they laughed and pointed to where they thought the flea went next! What a great book this was, all children were engaged and showed great listening skills. We then sang our song to transition to washing hands for a delicious morning tea which was a scrumptious banana split. Afterwards we helped to pack away as Miss Hope had something FUN organised.

To end our last day of science week we did two experiments where the children were able to watch a variety of colours to appear in a tray of milk. We did this by starting to place some milk to the try and adding drops of different food colouring into the milk and the children than dipped the cotton tips into the cup of dishwashing liquid and placed it into the tray. The colours then appeared so vibrantly. The second science experiment we placed salt on another tray in the shape of a rectangle the children then had the chance to use the plastic droppers to drip yellow food colouring onto the salt. The children had so much fun watching and getting involved with these experiments. As we were sitting on the table Max really wanted to play with playdough, so we decided to pull out some yellow and red playdough for all of our friends to play with.

We then got our groovy moves going as we danced away to Disney music, sleeping bunnies and FREEZE! It was nice to see the children all booming with happiness, excitement, and confidence. All children then boogied on outside for a BIG adventure before a tasty lunch and a reenergised rest for this afternoon’s whirl of fun to end our wonderful week.

P.S IT IS BOOK WEEK NEXT WEEK EVERYDAY EXPECT FOR FRIDAY AS PH. Monday Toddler Two teachers will be wearing pyjamas pirate style from the book ”Pirates In Pyjamas”! Can’t wait to see what everyone else will wear. 

Thank you all for this week.

Have a safe and lovely weekend.

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Lyn xx