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Good afternoon families and friends,

Today we welcomed Isla back to Toddlers 2 Room. We started our day outdoor singing our Christmas song and doing the actions. We are going to keep it a secret until the party. Outdoors the bikes were also popular, as was pushing the wheelbarrows around the bike track and through the sandpit.

We had our Group Time outside before we transitioned inside where Miss Thais read the Book “Santa Surprise” and ask questions to the children about what they wish for Christmas. Some of them said “a toy”. We sang our transition song “Bee Bee Bumble bee” and moved indoor where the morning tea was waiting for us.

After morning tea we had some dancing where we moved our bodies.

We split the children in two groups, where some were inside with Miss Thais and Miss Maddi. Miss Thais prepared a craft experience for the children as we prepare for Christmas where we created some Christmas cards by using different Christmas stamps and Christmas stickers. Kezia, Onyx, Millie, Alanis, and Zahra were outside with Miss Bec finishing our painting for our Christmas tree that we are creating to put in our Room.

Later in the morning, all the children went outdoor for free play where they loved to explore the sandpit this time. We sang our song again “Bee bee bumble bee” and listened to Miss Maddi call all our names to wash our hands.

We had our big lunch today which was pasta bolognese. The children love it!

Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi