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Happy Friday families and friends!

We started our morning Outdoor with Miss Steph exploring the Yard. We practiced our fine and gross motor skills as rode our bikes, climbed obstacle course and navigated our way around our playground.

The children were excited to transition indoors for morning tea and indoor experiences. Alexia requested the ‘Emergency’ Book. We have been learning about transports this week which was really good because the children continuing showing interest in fire trucks, diggers, cars, motorbikes around the Room.

Parker is turning two tomorrow so we decided to make cupcakes for him! They loved the “making cupcake” activity on Tuesday so we decided just repeat that today! The children were able to use fine motor skills while mixing the cake ingredients together using the utensils. Miss Thais prepared all the materials needed for the cooking activity such as mixing bowl, cupcake tray, patty pan, big spoon and whisk. Parker liked counting the eggs, he said: “one, two”. Alexia loved to mixed all the ingredients by using whisk and she also could hold the bowl while mixing. Kezia enjoyed pouring the flour into the bowl.

Today we also had a sensory activity Outdoor with our friends from Toddlers One, we filled the trough with shaving foam and food colouring! The children all got the chance to play with the shaving foam and mixing the colours together, we made a blue and a red half which then got mixed into a lovely purple! The children loved seeing how the colours melted together. The children absolutely loved this activity, and it was so nice to see so many grinning faces!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy birthday Parker!

Love Miss Thais