Good afternoon families!

We have had such a beautiful day with our friends! We welcomed Ava, Zahra, Tai, Ivy, Aria, Lincoln, Kezia, Parker, Onyx, and Lara into the yard for a free play all together. Our friends have shown a lot of interest in the bikes this week and of course the water kitchen! After the free play we sat down together outside and read Ivy’s Unicorn book that she brought in for book week, our friends love reading new books! Before we transitioned inside, we sang’ ‘hello how are you’ and ‘bee bumble bee can you sing your name for me’, we then washed our hands and sat down inside for morning tea!

After morning tea, we asked our friends what they would like to do; and Parker and Lincoln asked for Stickers and Zahra and Tai asked for playdough so that is exactly what we did! Our friends got to pick out what stickers they could stick on their colored paper and we talked about what eat one was, like a dog, strawberry, surfboard and more! Lara loved looking at all her friend’s different stickers! After our activity time we had ‘Funky Friday’ dancing! Our friends learned how to make a dance train and some new moves! Ava, Onyx, Kezia, and Aria really got their groove on, listening very well to Miss Jenni. After the dance we went back outside for more free play to then come back inside for yummy lunch and a sleep!

We hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Much love; Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi