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Happy Friday♥

Roll up, roll up and come and read about our spectacular Carnaval day here in the Toddlers Two room.

What a spectacular journey it has been today on the magical carnaval ride throughout the day!

This morning we all showed off our AWESOME costumes and colourful outfits and we have to say just how ADORABLE all children looked♥

Here is what we did today on our spectacular day!

-Indoor play consisted of the following:

  • Some children travelled to explore the home corner as they let their imagination flow freely, they cooked up tasty treats for their babies and even used puppets to help them in the kitchen as they cooked away
  • The trains and train tracks was a massive hit as they thoroughly enjoyed working together and sharing with one an other to build a train track.
  • Miss Hope was happily face painting the children’s faces and they LOVED IT!!! Some children giggled at the feeling of the paint going on their faces and some children didn’t flinch at all!
  • Miss Gabi had mask making at one table, the children were able to use glue to paste on the masks before placing feathers, cut paper and confetti!!!

The morning felt like it went so fast as before we knew it Miss Jenny came for FUNKY DANCE!!!!! Today we danced to some groovy dance beats and played with the musical instruments!! Miss Jenny then handed out hoola hoops for us to use and showed us these pretty fairy lights!!! It was a Brazilian carnival dance fiesta and the children had so much fun and there was so much great energy and groovy moves happening! Before Miss Jenny left we played a game where they had to jump over or crawl under the pool noodle!!! The children listened very carefully and did an amazing job.

We said goodbye to Miss Jenny and a big thank you!! After a quick tidy up we headed outside for water play and to explore their outdoor area with their friends. From making sandcastles and digging holes to racing around the bike track and climbing the obstacles! We had a wonderful and joyful time! It was then time to come inside for scrumptious lunch before our rest time to re energise for this afternoons fiesta ahead!!

Thank you all for today and this week♥

Have a safe and lovely weekend♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx