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Happy Friday♥

Hello families of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our day wonderful Friday.

This lovely morning we started it outside in the cool breeze and warm sunshine with all our friends and teachers. The children began exploring the playground and the activities that were set up throughout the yard. The chalk drawing was popular as they drew freely on the small chalk board and different surfaces. The children too set off on an adventure to have a look at the garbage truck through the fence! They were all very intrigued by the sound that it was making and watching all the garbage being tipped into it. Meanwhile other children were happily riding around on the bike track, saying hello to the horses and digging in the sandpit.

After our morning outdoor journey it was time to come inside where our friends were able to cool down and have a big drink of water before we had group time. In group time today the children read a book called ” The dinosaur book” All children are showing great listening skills as they listen to Miss Shae read the book. Before the children washed their hands they sang ”Tiny turtle” then sang our transition song to wash their hands before morning tea♥

When we all had finished eating the children helped pack away before setting foot to adventure throughout their room. The children enjoyed carrying on with chalk drawing as it was a big interest outside! Zooming around the floor with our new wooden trucks and police car! Role playing in home corner. We then all came together to apply sunscreen as Miss Jess sang the sunscreen song (made up a song) the children responded well to the song and followed the instructions on how to apply the sunscreen. Miss Jenny then arrived for dancing!! We grooved to the beat and shaking the maracas around! The children were able to explore the hula hoops too!! They all love dance and expressing themselves♥ After dance our sun cream had time to develop before we popped our hats on ready to skip to the outdoors.

We decided to have a bit of fun with water play!! The children liked scooping up the water, filling their buckets up and feeling the cool water run through their fingers!!! When we finished with water play they had a nice play with their friends before we all came inside for lunch and a reenergising rest for this afternoons whirl of fun with their friends and teacher.

Thank you all for this week♥

Have a safe and lovely weekend♥

See you next week,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Shae xx