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Good afternoon friends and families!

This morning we welcomed our friends Kezia, Millie, Aria, Zahra, Parker, Ivy, Tai, Onyx, Lincoln, Lara, Isla and Ava into our room! Our friends enjoyed free play inside and showed a lot of interest in the baby dolls; changing their nappies and feeding them. It is beautiful to see their nurturing personalities.  After our free play we sat down together and read ‘Santa’s Surprise’ and ‘Christmas Songs’ to then transitioned to wash hands and have ‘Mango Tango Coconut Jelly Cups’ for morning tea. As its Friday we had Miss Jenni come in for funky dance and our friends learnt how to do the chicken dance, they were so engaged! For group and activity time Miss Bec helped us sponge paint some special presents for our Christmas party, it’s getting closer and we are so excited! Miss Maddi and Miss Dominic took some of our friends outside to practice using our fine motor skills. We did this but threading string through penne pasta and making a long necklace! We were concentrating so hard!!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch!! We sat down and sang ‘Hammer, Hammer’ , ‘Two little fingers’ and ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ and then washed our hands for lunch! For lunch we had ‘Full of Greens Nutritious Beef, Lentil and Spinach Bolognese’ and now we are resting!

See you again on Monday!

Much Love, Miss Maddi, Bec and Dominic xx