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Hello Families ad Friends! 😊

A warm welcome from toddlers 2 😊 and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Today we welcomed in our crew : Avery, Jackson B, Indi, Jackson C, Thomas, Mathias, Cameron, Beau, Thomas, Edward, Noah, Finley, Leiana, Kynell, Max and Noa.

Today we spent the day exploring our toddlers environment, enjoying the company of our friends, and meeting our special friends 😊 Our day began with toddlers in the yard playing under the sun and enjoying the fresh freeze. The hit in the playground in this morning was playing with he HOOPS -They enjoyed hula hoop, twist in their arms and in the floor, throwing and catching it , and much more. Playing with hoops offers many benefits for children. It helps them develop gross motor skills, balance, body awareness, muscular coordination, and rhythm. Apart from its physical benefits, hooping is great fun our friends.
They also enjoyed playing in the sandpit, riding bikes around the playground, see saw, sensory play with playdough, and much more.

The time flies when we are having fun, then was time to came inside the classroom to start our morning routines.

In our group time today Miss Gabi read a special book it calls “Australia animals” was a picture book so Miss Gabi was turning the pages, showing the animals and asking our friends “ what animal is this?” – “ what colour is it?” . Patiently everybody sets on the mat guessing what picture they were seeing. This type of book helps improving communication skills and they also love be able to “read” the book with us. 😊 Then we sang our transition song “ bee bee bumble” to transit to the bathroom, washing hands and set down for morning tea.

For morning tea time today we had a yummy Healthy apple Owl rice cakes served with a medley of seasonal fresh fruits.

After morning morning was time for a little relaxing time and playing inside our beautiful classroom waiting for the dance class. Inside the children enjoyed engaging in construction with blocks, playing with cars, home corner, and much more. In our group play we continue pay attention and respected to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander culture” reflecting on our acknowledgment of the country – we did it, today through a face paint inspired in a original aboriginal style. 😊
In the end of the morning Miss Jenna came to our classroom to teach the children the nicest dance movements, using colourful pompom`s our friends had a great fun and they had a single “solo” moment to show their friends they special dance! 😊

For lunch time today we had another delicious meal a full nutrition Ocean Hugger Fish and Chips served with delicious salad bar.

Was a beautiful learning and playful week around here!
Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

Check out the photos

With Love, Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Lauren