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Happy Friday everyone!

We have been having so much fun all day with our little friends spending most of our day outdoors engaging with lots of activities and going on adventures to explore all possibilities of play.

We had our group time outdoor today where Miss Thais read to us some books. We also sang our favorite morning song ” Hello how are you” and did actions to the songs “The wheel on the bus”.

The children engaged in water play and helped water the garden using the watering cans, practised their pedalling skills on the 3-wheeler bikes and engaged in sand and digger play.

We then transitioned indoor and had our morning tea. After morning tea Miss Thais asked the children what they want to do and Onyx said “We we”, which means wiggles, so we decided danced to wiggles, shaking our bodies. We also sang sleeping bunnies where we lay down on the mat and pretend to sleep.

Other activities that we enjoyed today were drawing using crayons and play with the train set.

Have a good long weekend!

Love Miss Thais and Miss Bec