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Happy Friday everybody! We hope you all had a wonderful, fun week, ready for the weekend. Today Miss Steph and Miss Jade welcomed our friends Connal, Zahra, Quinn, Everly, Kezia, Parker and Willow.

This morning once everyone had arrived we gathered inside and enjoyed our morning tea of yogurt and fruit. After that we cleaned up and went over to the mat for some singing and dancing for our group time. We played some of our favourite songs, and then we sang along with the Wiggles and did some dancing. Everyone knew how to point their fingers and twist with the Wiggles. This came from Zahra’s CD of the wiggles that she brought in from home and everyone got very excited. Everly and Quinn were very good with their dance moves, listening and doing all the actions being sung. Conall and Kezia loved looking at themselves in the mirror while doing this.

After our dance time, we went for a play time outside before lunch. Quinn and Parker loved to sit in the car and pretend to drive, whilst all their friends rode in the back. Zahra and Kezia also practiced walking across the rope tunnel bridge to the platform by themselves. Zahra enjoyed sitting at the top of the slide whilst Miss Jade handed her bouncy soccer balls. She would then roll them down one by one and we would watch them roll across the sandpit.

Oh how we have missed Rania, Dominic and Alexia today. We hope to see everyone’s bubbly faces next week and wish you all a happy weekend.

Miss Steph and Miss Jade xx