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Good afternoon families, happy Friday!

Today we welcomed Rumi, Parker, Kynell, Lara, Abel, Ivy, Isla, Onyx, Kezia, Macsen, Tai, Lincoln, Aria, Dominic in Toddlers 2! This morning we enjoyed focusing on baby dolls, home corner cooking, singing, and reading for our free play. We then transitioned into the bathroom to wash hands and have morning tea. For group time; Miss Thais helped us do glitter painting with cotton buds, Miss Bec helped us make candy canes with playdough and Miss Maddi helped us finish our special Christmas photos! Before we knew it, it was time for a funky Friday dance! Miss Jenni showed us some new moves and put on new Christmas songs too! Miss Bec then got out the baby accessories where the children loved looking after the ‘baby’. They enjoyed putting the baby to sleep, changing their ‘stinky poos’ and feeding it ‘potatoes’. The children love this and the role play that comes with it.  Our morning went so quick today that we raced outside under the shade for afew minutes to get some energy out! Miss Thais put on a kids Christmas playlist and we loved it!! Then to calm us down after our energy explosion Miss Maddi sang ‘one little finger’ ‘hello how are you’ and ‘ bee bee bumble bee’ with us. It helped us to slow down and transition inside to wash our hands and sit down for a big lunch!!

We are all having a big snooze and getting ready for the arvo!  Have a beautiful weekend and see you on Monday!

Much love, MIss Maddi, Thais and Bec xx