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Sunshine Friday♥

Hello and welcome families of the Toddler Two room, what a beautiful journey it has been today and I look forward to you reading all about it.

This morning, as the sun began to warm up the children were able to run outside for a great start to their outdoor adventure. From balancing on the balance bikes to swinging in the morning breeze on the swing, reading books with Miss Jess on the grass ”See you later Alligator” Max, Noah, Spencer, Indi, Thomas and Cameron joined on the grass to listen to this story. Throughout the book Miss Jess would ask ”what can you see?” Cameron replied and said he saw ”Monkey” Indi then also said ”Monkey Monkey”. The children also enjoyed running and bouncing across the playground bridge and using their hand and eye coordination skills as they play catch with the ball!

Soon it was then time to join together outside our door before we came inside for group time. In group time today Miss Hope asked the children if they could sit on the line on the mat. The children did a great job at following instructions. Then Miss Hope did some actions for the children to follow to help gain their focus before Miss Jess read a book called ”Celeste the Giraffe Loves To Laugh” As each page would turn over they were all very intrigued to see what awaits on the page!! They showed beautiful listening and concentration skills this morning! When the book was finished we ended group time by singing out transitions song to wash hands before morning tea. Our morning tea this morning consisted of  Healthy Apple Owl Rice Cakes! The children enjoyed this scrumptious meal. As the children finished and packed away their plates and drink bottles, they set foot around the classroom in seek of their next adventure and diving deep into self select activities throughout the room of their interest.

  • Building with the small blocks
  • Problem solving with the puzzles
  • Cooking away some tasty treats in home corner! Noah came up to Miss Jess and said ”Food” as he handed Miss Jess a basket full of food. It is so wonderful seeing and hearing their bright imagination shine.

Today is world recycle day and in extension of this we let the children have a ball with wrapping up magazines before they then freely applied glue to the cardboard cylinders to paste the paper on! They LOVED this! Spencer, Max, Finley, Thomas, Noah and Jackson C, showed how such joy and excitement throughout this fun craft activity. Kynell and Indi used their wonderful imaginations with another cylinder as they both held it up and were looking through it from either side. We will be using more of this cylinders throughout the room and seeing what creations we can come up with!!

We then helped to pack away the classroom as Miss Jenny was going to be here soon for funky feet! In dance today they did hopscotch, using great balancing skills and direction as they hopped across the mat. Then out came the pom poms!!! The children danced away to the beat using the pom poms but when the music stopped they had to FREEZE! They all did awesome and showing how fantastic they are at following instructions and listening out to when the music had stopped. As dance finished the children said thank you to Miss Jenny as they got a sticker at the end. We then all grabbed our hats and headed outside for another journey before lunch time.

For lunch today the children had Ocean Hugger Fish and Chips. It is so nice to see the children try new things and really liking it! When their tummies were content they then packed away before heading to their beds for a reenergised sleep. This afternoon we will be exploring the slide playground for a whirl of fun to end our beautiful week here.

Thank you Toddlers Two for a lovely week.

Have a safe and well weekend, see you next week.

Miss Jess, Miss Gabi and Miss Hope xx