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Happy friday everyone!!! Today we welcome our friends Dominic, Quinn and Latika with Miss Thais.

We started our day in the yard to enjoy the wonderful weather. Dominic and Quinn kept busy in the sandpit playing with the toys. Quinn discovered a massive ball and played with your friend Harper from Toddlers one. What a morning we have had today!

Was the time to transition inside… After washing our hands we got some yummy fruit and yogurt with granola during morning tea. It was delicious!

Later in the morning was time to do an activity. Miss Thais set up some sand, leaves and dinosaurs for them to play inside the room. Dominic caught the sand with his hands putting in the water while Quinn laugh to hit her hands in the water and splashing water out of the box. Quinn also hold the dinosaur and made some dinosaur noise saying “Raugh”.

Was time for Latika arrived.. We had group time reading – Animal Book – where they could recognize the animals and making some noises while I was showing them the pictures in the book. We also draw on the whiteboard sitting and lying on the floor.

Thanks for a wonderful day today Toddlers two Room!!!

Have a good long weekend!!!

Miss Thais