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Good Afternoon Families,

Today was such a beautiful day that we chose to spend the morning outdoors, we put on our hats before venturing into the playground. So after our morning songs we had our morning tea as a picnic. Some friends had some time inside doing the paint for father’s day.

We have been having so much fun all day with our little friends spending most of our day outdoors engaging with lots of activities and going on adventures to explore all possibilities of play. Children have been choosing to play outside riding bikes, climbing, and pushing the wheelbarrows around.

We had our Funky Feet Dance today and our friends had a good time next door shaking their bodies.

Miss Thais spent some quiet time on the mat sharing story books chosen by the children. Our favourite book at the moment is “Where is the green sheep?” We also shared “The hungry caterpillar” where all the children listened to Miss Thais.

Other play experiences today included construction play with the lego, role play with the baby dolls, cars and trucks.

Have a good weekend! Happy father’s day!

Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi