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Happy Friday families and friends!!! Today we welcome our friends Lachlan H, Alexia, Quinn, Kezia, Dominic, Charlotte and Everly with Miss Thais and Miss Otavia in Toddlers 2 Room.

We started our day with our friends from Toddlers One building with blocks and some magnets. We also enjoyed playing in Home corner and Dolls house in Toddlers one Room.

Later in the morning we had a few play in nursery yard where the children could explore the sandpit and also have a sensory experience with the water play. Miss Thais set up a container with water, sand and some animals and also introducing them to textures (slippy, slimy…) and temperatures. They love to splash the water and messy play!

While we were outside Miss Jen arrived to Dance class. She sang some Christmas songs and brought some Christmas hats for us.

After a little play outside we spent some time playing with our Toddlers One friends in their Room. We danced holding their hands and sang some Brazilian songs that I have been teach them.

Was a lovely Friday!!!

Have a good weekend!

Love Miss Thais