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Happy Friday Families and Friends!! ūüėä

A warm welcome from Toddlers Two classroom‚ô•

Our day began with our friends excited to explore the playground and engage in a variety of fun play experience. The most popular experiences around here were:
‚ÄĘSandpit – ¬†Enjoying each other’s company and sharing sand toys the children enjoyed filling the trucks with sand then delivering to another place in the yard and filling the basket with sand and pretended they were cooking.
‚ÄĘObstacle course – ¬†They enjoyed climbing the obstacles carefully walking along then jumping off and landing on a soft mat. They love using their great balancing skills and putting them to the test.
‚ÄĘBuilding – Building with towers with the small wooden blocks.
‚ÄĘZooming on bikes –¬† Riding the little push bikes around the yard with glee.

It was such a lovely morning outside with all our friends and teachers, before we knew it, it was time to come inside to get ready for group time and morning tea. For group time today all the children came together on the mat and we all said a BIG hello to all our friends and teachers. Miss Jess and your lovely munchkins sang ”5 Cheeky¬† Monkeys”, and ”Miss Polly” Miss Jess than asked the children what other songs they would like to sing and they said ”Bee, bee bumble bee” so we proceeded to sing that before we washed our hands for morning tea.

When we all had finished morning tea the children headed off to take venture around their classroom!! The enjoyed the following self select activities:

  • Puzzles!!! The children love engaging and using their problem solving skills with the puzzles!
  • Connecting shapes and all sorts of creations with the magnetic connectors
  • Building towers with the large blocks, car ramps and even houses!!
  • The children have also been building a stronger positive and happy friendships with one an other and it is so lovely to see that blossom each day.

Miss Gabi then set up two fun activities outside to extend on transportation! There was one black tray with cacao powder as the mud and some sand along with dump trucks!!! The children dived their hands deep into the tray and had a great time exploring and playing throughout. In the red tub was bubble water so they then could carry their dirty trucks or cars to the car wash! They too loved this! Afterwards they set off to adventure around the playground before they came inside for lunch and a energised sleep.

This afternoon they had a fun filled time in the great outdoors‚ô•

Thank you all for this week!

Have a safe and lovely weekend, see you next week‚ô•

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx