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Rainy Friday

Hello and welcome families to our day in the Toddlers Two room with your blooming stars. What an eventful and FUN day it has been today despite the rainy weather. I look forward to you reading about what we got up to.

This morning we started out in Toddlers One as we waited for more of our friends to arrive before travelling to our room. As the children eagerly walked to our room in seek of fun and exciting activities to play with such as:

  • Stacking the coloured see through blocks and repeating what the colours are! This is a fun way to enhance on colour recognitions through play.
  • Letting their imagination flow as they role play in home corner. Edward and Noa let their imagination role on out as they were ”Driving the car” (sitting on the wooden blocks as seats)  to the ”shops” with the babies. Edward then said ”Oh no tyre feel off” before he then hurried to fix it before they drove off again, but before they could Miss Jess asked both Noa and Edward if they both had put their seat belts on and made sure the babies were secure before driving off. They both replied ”Yes”.
  • Building towers with the wooden blocks.
  • Racing the cars down and up the car ramps.

We soon then came together to help swiftly tidy up the room before we sat on the carpet for group time. In group time today the children were able to listen to a story that was called ”Go Home Cheeky Animals” This story was told by Jack Charles an Aboriginal Elder on ABC Kids. The children were so engaged in this story he read. When the book was finished we then got ready to sing our transition song to wash our hands before morning tea.

Morning tea today consisted of Amazing chickpea, sweet potato and tahini muffins with seasonal fruit. The children are becoming more confident in using the tongs to self serve what they would like one by one, which is lovely to see. When the children finished their morning tea they were able to pack away before scouting around the classroom for a journey of fun which included the following:

  • Making foot prints on paper to represent ” we all walking together” continuing in Naidoc week topic.
  • Sensory play, exploring the playdough using pipe cleaner and scissors.
  • Fine motor skills play, using the tongs to build with little wooden blocks.

Miss Emma arrived and said there was something exciting for all to see very soon outside in the babies yard!!! With excitement we helped clean up so quickly and walked very nicely to the babies yard to see what was install for us!!! To our surprise there were three massive Australian animals! the first one was a Cockatoo the second one was a Kookaburra and the third was a Koala!  What  a special way to end our week of exploration of NAIDOC week and our toddler friends loved the surprise, Thanks you Miss Nads for organize it.

As we walked back into our room Miss Gabi decided to throw a dance partyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The children were able to dive into the costumes and accessories they grooved to the Disney playlist. Then we placed the chairs in a line back to back and sang the crocodile song as the children had the ducks and Miss Gabi had the crocodile.

For lunch time we had another delicious and nutritive meal Fantastic Mexican Fajita`s served salad bar.

It was so much going on, so much noise, and so much fun around here today! 🙂 

Now we had a lovely rest time on our beds listening to soft music for having other amazing playtime in this afternoon!

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess.