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Happy Friday everyone!

This morning we greeted our friends in the Yard. Some friends were very engaged in the sandpit with Miss Bec and others were interested in reading Books with Miss Maddi. Before our morning tea we formed a circle holding our friends hands and then sat down on the grass where we sang our good morning “Hello how are you?” and we sang it 3 times because Parker asked for more. We sang slow, we sang fast doing actions to the song. The children are doing very good.

We had our morning tea and then we got ready for our dancing class and the children also could practice the colours name. All the children participated and they are getting so better.

Later in the morning, we had two different activities. One set up outside with Miss Maddi and the other one inside with Miss Thais. We created rocket ship and also astronauts. The children loved drew and use different colours and they also enjoyed glued the different shapes and colours to create a rocket ship. We also had water play with Miss Bec while we were outside.

During our lunch time we had the veggie pizza and the children loved it!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi.