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Happy Monday everyone!! we hope you all had a wonderful weekend and stayed safe and in the wet weather, today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Luca, Willow, Quinn, Alanis, Henry, Alexia and Lachlan.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph would like to say a big ” thank you” to Quinn for making us some yummy cupcakes it was so thoughtful.

Over the weekend Miss Shelby brought some books to add into our reading area, after morning tea the children joined her to look at the different objects in the books Things in my room, Things in my house and Things in my world. While looking at the books Luca recognised the clouds are up in the sky as he pointed to the clouds and when Miss Shelby asked him ” where are the clouds” he said ”sky”. Miss Dominque joined us for a play this morning where again the children joined her to look at the books, Lachlan, Henry, Luca and Quinn used their words to tell her that they could see a car in the Things in my world book.

With Valentines day coming up this Friday 14th February we started our Valentines day art and craft, Miss Shelby provided some red love heart confetti and red glitter for the children to decorate their love heart. First Miss Shelby sat down with the children to show them the art materials we will be suing with Luca, Quinn and Lachlan showing interest in helping to mix the love hearts and glitter together in a container. When doing his painting Miss Dominique asked Henry his name so she could put a bib on him, he responded by saying ” Henry.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph would like to welcome our families to come join us this Thursday 13th February from 9.30am to 10.30am for a Valentines Day cupcake decorating with their child morning activity. We will have a form set up on the lockers for you to be able to write if you can attend or not.

Also please feel free to write down your child’s interests on the black board located on the lockers so we can incorporate your child’s interest into the daily program.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph