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Good afternoon families,

Today we welcome our new friends Aria, Onyx, and Lincoln to our Toddlers Two family. We also welcome our new educator Bec to Toddlers Two Room. We started the day having fun in the Yard. Today the children kept busy climbing through the obstacle course, sensory play in the wet sand, taking turns on the slide, and pushing each other on the swing. Some friends collected balls and buckets in their wheelbarrows and pushed them through the garden and around the bike track.

We transitioned inside the room where we shared a yummy morning tea. This week we are going to learn about the feelings due to the interest of the children. Today we shared the Book “Feelings” which we all listened to as Miss Thais read it to us. After Miss Thais got some different faces to us and asked them about the feelings. They played with the faces and was also a good opportunity for Miss Thais to ask them what was the happy, sad, and angry face.

We had Yoga today and our friends loved to copy the poses and pay attention in the book that the yoga teacher shared with us. They did so well!!!

Was a busy day of learning and fun in the Toddlers Two Room =)

Love Miss Thais and Miss Bec