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Sunshine Monday♥

Hello families and friends of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our journey here today at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

What a glorious day it has been with lots to do and see! I look forward to you reading about the blissful journey here today.

As the weather started to warm up we cleaned up the room before setting foot to the great outdoors! The children ran to explore the sandpit, slides, diggers, the swing and so much more! Miss Jess then also set up a sport game using the hoola hoops! We had to use our balancing and coordination skills as we jumped inside each hoop before going back to the start!! Indi, Noah, Kynell, Thomas, Peyton thoroughly enjoyed this FUN game. We then headed inside where we met with our new friend Mia! All children welcomed Mia so nicely into the room, Mia had a beautiful day today full of smiles and laughter. To start off group time, we sat down and did some quite reading in small groups of two or three with one educator in each group. The children were so happy and content looking at all the colourful pictures as we read to the children all the different books they had chosen. Kynell was so excited flipping the felt flaps to see what was behind it. Once we were finished, we placed all the books away in the basket and gave the warmest welcome to our new friend Mia. Next, we all moved in a little closer to Miss Crystal read us one of our favourite books called ‘pirates in pyjamas’. After we read the book we sung ‘bee, bee bumble bee’ to transition to wash our hands.

After group time we sat together at the tables for morning tea. For morning tea today, we had a very yummy, loaded vegie breaky muffins served with a medley of seasonal fresh fruits. We enjoy sitting with the children and talking about the foods that they are eating and having conversations. Thomas said ”Watermelon Yum” as he ate some watermelon! When they were finished eating they packed away their plates and drink bottles before seeking around the room for self select activities of their choice.

During the morning indoor play the at the table Miss Hope had set up an activity where the children were able to make their own sensory bottles! For this activity they used a range of blue coloured jelly balls, a plastic jar, sea animals and water to create a under the sea themed sensory bottle. We started this fun project by scooping the small jelly balls from one container into the jar, once we finished that they had the chance to choose what sea animal they wanted to place into their jar. to finish off the children got to pure water from the jug into their jar, and once we placed the lid on top we flipped the jar upside down to watch it all move. All our friends really enjoyed the activity as they got to do everything on their own and feeling independent with support when needed. When Noah was making his sensory bottle he spilled some of the jelly balls Indi said “I’ll help you!” and Noah replied saying “thank you”. Indi, Jackson, and Edward were very helpful picking up the jelly ball the children have dropped when placing in the jar. Our friends were very encouraging to one another though out the sensory activity, When Kynell was poring the jelly balls into the jar the other children clapped and cheered for him for getting it into the jar and yelled out “Yay!”

Once everyone had a turn, we had a look outside and seen the sun was out and warm so we decided to go outdoors for a play before our lunch. we had so much fun outdoors doing so many fun activities like reading, climbing the up and through the playground, swinging back and forth on the swing and playing in the bard with the big and small constructions trucks. when playing on the swing all our friends joined and hoped on one by one and Miss Hope pushed them to go back and forth. whist Miss Hope was pushing the swing Mia said “faster, faster”, once Mia said Faster all the children joined in saying “FASTER!”

Thank you toddlers two for an amazing start to our week! We hope you have a fabulous end to your Monday.

Much love Miss Hope, Miss Jess and Miss Crystal