Good afternoon families and happy Monday!

We hope you all had a beautiful weekend with your children. This morning our friends were welcomed into the yard by Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi.

Today Miss Thais set up our shoes rack outside where we are to put our shoes each morning so that we do not lose them. This is extending on our self-help skills and wow we did amazing at it this morning!

We also played with the magnetics today and build some houses and cars. We also practising the names of the colors while we were picking the blocks. Miss Thais also set up a table with some blackboard and crayons and the children really enjoyed it.

Our biggest interest this morning was the sandpit. We really enjoyed digging deep holes, filling our trucks with the sand and pouring it back down the hole. Kezia, Rania, Aria, Millie Willow, and Alanis brought some baby dolls into the sandpit where they role-played and put the babies to sleep.

Lachie, Onyx, Dominic, Tai, and Abel really enjoyed throwing the balls around, on the roof, and to each other. Ava and Isla loved to swing on the swing. We all had a great morning exploring our interests in the yard.

We then sat down and sang our good morning and ‘bee bee bumble bee’ song before we then transitioned inside where we washed our hands and sat down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we split the children in half, where some of us went outside for an Art & Craft activity with Miss Thais and Maddy where we talk about the shells that Able brought to share with us because he has been at the beach with his parents this weekend. I show to them and asked the children who know what was that. Willow was the first one to answer “shells” and everyone had a turn to hold and have a look in the special shells from Abel.

while the other group of children stayed inside reading books and playing with puppets with Miss Bec. Once we lost interest in our activities, we then swapped the children so we all had a turn at each activity.

Our yoga teacher then came to visit, where we all unwinded, stretched our bodies and relaxed. We are getting so good at the different poses now! We then went back outside for a last little play before it was time to come inside for lunch.

We have had such a busy and fun-filled day today!

Much love, Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi xx