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你好 – Nǐ hǎo

Hello Family and Friends♥

Welcome all to our fabulous Monday here in the Toddler Two room♥

This morning we were all jumping with joy as we were all so eager to head outside to explore the great outdoors. Indi, Oliver and Thomas liked drawing with the chalk on the black tray with Miss Jess. Edward, Kynell and Jackson enjoyed zooming around on the bikes and going up a level on 3wd as they explore the off track as they ride through the sand (try to) haha. Mathias, Cameron and Beau were happily venturing around and exploring all areas of the outside area. Finley and Noah climbed the bridge like no tomorrow with such ease. Soon it was then time to come inside to start our morning group time. Just before group time our friend Tai arrived for a wonderful day♥

Group Time:

  • Miss Jess read a book about the hungry caterpillar, the children were all very engaged in this book so Miss Jess then put on the hungry caterpillar animated version. As the animated version was playing Miss Jess was asking our friends if we could find the matching image in the book to what we saw on the laptop. They all responded well to this.
  • We are still focusing on Chinese New Year so we did some numbers in Chinese and ABC’s too.
  • We sang “Incy Wincy” before we did “Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee” to wash hands for morning tea.

Morning Indoor Play: 

  • Our friends explored a variety of free activities throughout morning play such as;
  • Building train tracks
  • Role playing in home corner
  • Racing their cars on the car mat and through the car garage
  • Making Chinese dumplings out of playdough

Before lunch time we had a run outside and were greeted by Miss Hayley to do some lovely YOGA! 

  • We stretched tall with our bodies
  • Took deep breaths in and out as we passed the ball around
  • Danced to sleeping bunnies before it was time to say goodbye to Miss Hayley and head indoors for a scrumptious lunch.

After lunch time we all headed for our beds for a relaxing rest so we can recharge for this afternoons adventure♥

Thank you for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Dom xx