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Hello families and friends!

A lovely start to the week in Toddlers two room. We begin our morning with some Outdoor play. The children were very engaged in the sandpit. Miss Steph filled a bucket with water for them to manipulate the sand better. They helped each other to fill the bucket with sand and built some castles together. Was so nice to see our friends playing nice and enjoying the company of their friends this morning. They got very busy for a long time… Miss Steph also had some quiet time on the mat and read a Story for them.

When we transitioned to the Room we washed our hands and singing our morning songs before morning tea.

The children were then giving the opportunity to further practice their drawing skills on the black board that Miss Thais set up at the table. Kezia was the first one to sit at the table and started to draw and then our friends joined.

Puzzles were also very popular today. Miss Thais prepared a shelf with different puzzles for our friends to help themselves. They showed good skills today while they practicing the puzzles. Puzzles provide children with many different opportunities for learning, such as fine motor development, eye-hand co-ordination, social development, and the development of specific mathematical concepts. Central to the skills gained by children from working with puzzles is the development of problem solving strategies

Other play experiences today included, transport play, role play in home corner, grocery shop play, baby doll play and Lego construction.

After all this fun and active play we were very ready for our lunch and we all went so quickly to sleep to recharge our batteries…

Thank you Toddlers for a wonderful Monday!

Love Miss Thais