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Happy Monday Everyone, we hope all had a wonderful weekend!!! Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Luca, Kezia, Alanis, Alexia, Hendrix, Lachlan B, Grace and Lachlan H.

This morning Lachlan H was busy looking at Miss Shelby’s special flip flap book so Miss Shelby sat down with him to look at the book, all our friends joined in where together we all looked at the different objects under the flap. We talked about what colours we could see with Lachlan B saying ” yellow”, Hendrix saying ” green” and Luca saying ”blue”.


Today Miss Shelby found some dress up clothes so thought it would be fun to have pretend and fantasy with the items and also brought out her special Christmas props we used at the Christmas party last week, our friends Hendrix, Luca and Alexia loved wearing the mouse mask. Kezia wanted to wear the apron like Miss Thais so got her to put the apron on her, Luca wore the super cape and pretended he was fighting around the room and Lachlan H also wanted to wear the cape. Lachlan B was wearing the reindeer hat and the children were also busy playing with the Christmas props with Miss Thais as she pretended to be Santa saying ”ho ho ho” to the children.

Today the children did finger painting using some rubber finger grip painters, the children used their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills as they place their finger into the rubber painter piece and then painted with their finger on the paper. Grace was very clever as she used both her pointer fingers at the same time to do her finger painting.

REMINDER- Next Tuesday 24th December (Christmas Eve) the Centre closes at 2pm

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais