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Welcome back to another fun week, today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our 8 friends Lachlan, Alanis, Luca, Chanel, Grace, Alexia, Willow and Henry.

After our morning spent playing outside we washed our hands and sat down for morning tea together enjoying some fruit and rice crackers with sunflower butter.  Miss Shelby sat down to read a story ” Dear Zoo” a flip flap book where Luca, Chanel, Lachlan, Grace, Alanis and Willow came over to join in. While looking at the book it was lovely listening to the children use their words to recognise and name the animals they could see hiding behind the flip flap.

Books were of a interest today with Alexia choosing to look at a farm book, Miss Shelby joined Alexia to have some one on one time where Miss Shelby sang ”Old McDonald had a farm” and Alexia responded by saying ”moo”. Lachlan and Luca also came over to join in where they both pointed to what they could see in the book. Alanis was looking at another book where she was recognising and naming what she could see in the book saying ” bee bee”.

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day so today Miss Steph provided the ingredients and cooking utencils to make some green play dough with the children on the table. This was very messy but was so much fun and encouraged the children to explore with their hands, developing their sensory skills.

Before lunch time it was time for some singing where everyone joined Miss Shelby on the group time mat, Lachlan , Luca, Alanis, Chanel and Willow all joined in singing along and doing the actions to some of our favourite songs. While Miss Shelby was singing the songs Chanel said ” want more and Luca said ” again”.

open shut them

twinkle twinkle little star

row, row, row, your boat

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph