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Happy Monday Everyone!!! we hope you all had a wonderful weekend, today We welcome our friends Luca, Grace, Henry, Willow, Alanis, Aleixa, Lachlan and Quinn.

While waiting for all our friends to arrive today Luca, Lachlan and Alanis were choosing to do crayon drawing at the table area, Miss Shelby drew a love heart and Luca said ”oh wow” and then started to colour- in the love heart. When it was pack away time Willow, Lachlan ,Quinn and Alexia chose to help pack away the blocks with them putting them back into the basket. When Miss Steph arrived it was so lovely seeing Quin  going straight over to give Miss Steph for a cuddle and Alexia came over saying ”hello” to her.

After a play outside we washed our hands and then had some yummy fruit and yogurt for our morning tea before joining Miss Shelby on the mat for group time. Miss Shelby brought her twinkle, twinkle, little star story to share with everyone as many of our friends have been interested in singing and doing the actions to the song. While looking at the pictures in the book Luca, Alexia and Alanis recognsied and named some of the objects they could see with Luca pointing and saying ” Koala”, Alexia pointing to the star and saying ”star” and  Alanis said ” fish” as she pointed to the fish in the water.

Many of the children could show us how they can make a diamond with their fingers, Miss Shelby also sang twinkle, twinkle little star and a new song- twinkle, twinkle ,little star daddy drives a motor car with many of the children knowing the words to the twinkle, twinkle little star song.

Today Miss Shelby provided the children with star cutters and yellow paint to paint with extending on our learning of the song twinkle, twinkle little star. After doing her star painting Grace used her words to tell Miss Shelby she needed to wash her hands saying ” wash hands” and after she washed her hands she told Miss Shelby clean ”hands”.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph