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Happy Monday.

Hello families and friends and welcome to our glorious Monday here in the Toddlers Two room. What an adventurous journey it has been today and I looked forward to you reading all about it. The morning started off with children exploring their outdoor environment with their friends and teachers. From navigating around on the bikes to sculpting sandcastles in the sandpit, making scrumptious ‘treats’ with Miss Jess as we use our wide imagination, reading books in the nice warm sun, swinging through the breeze with glee and playing with the diggers throughout the yard.

As the time flew by it was then time to come inside where we joined all our friends and teachers for group time. In group time today we welcomed all our friends, sang ”Wheels on the bus” then sung our transition song to wash hands for morning tea. When all children had finished their scrumptious and nutrient morning tea, there was a dog outside our class window who belonged to Pete from Benowa Hills! The children were all intrigued by Huey as they all huddled around the window in amazement and excitement. The children then freely explored throughout their room and spontaneously selected activities of their choice such as the following.

  • Playing with the cars and car ramp
  • Role playing in home corner
  • Jumping around with glee on the cows and riding around on the tigers
  • Investigating what Miss Jess has on the table! They loved the kinetic sand that Miss Hope bought in! They enjoyed the different texture compared to playdough as they rolled it, watched it fall onto the table, poked it and played around with it in their hands. At another table the children were making something special for Miss Gabi as it was her birthday on Sunday.

After our morning of fun we all helped tidy up the classroom before we went outside for another adventure. As we were going outside Miss Hayley arrived for yoga! The children all came together to participate in yoga on the green grass outside our classroom door. In yoga today Miss Hayley showed some yoga poses, the children then followed and did a beautiful job! To end yoga they practiced their lovely breathing before saying goodbye to our spiritual Miss Hayley. The children then were able to set foot around their playground before it was time for delicious lunch and our energised sleep for this afternoons whirl of joy, laughter and happiness.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Crystal xx