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Happy Monday♥

Warm welcome to all family and friends of the Toddler Two room to our day.

This morning we started off in Toddlers One room before we jumped for joy outside. The weather was a little on and off as we got a little sprinkle before it stopped again so we could enjoy the great outdoors before coming inside for our morning routine.

What our friends got up to outside:

  • Parachute fun with Miss Thais and friends!!! WOAHHHHH what fun this was! All children had so much fun bouncing the ball up in the air as we lifted the parachute up. This activity enhances on their teamwork skills as they need to make sure everyone is lifting at the same time and catching the ball. It also promotes hand and eye coordination and so much more!
  • Our friends enjoyed digging in the sandpit, climbing the playground, sliding down the slide and so much more!

For our group time today Miss Jess did the acknowledgement of the country “Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I.” The children were very intrigued by the actions and listened so well. This week we will be focusing on indigenous and Australian culture! Did you know that educating cultural awareness and tradition, play important roles in helping young children build a positive sense of identity and build self-esteem? Learning about different cultural traits offers new experiences for children. It also helps them recognize that we are all humans, despite differences in how we look or dress, or what we eat or celebrate.

Miss Jess then read a book called “Sound Book for First Words” Miss Jess asked each friend to find something on the page before pressing the matching animal sound or transportation sound. All children responded well and did a fantastic job. Conversational reading to children is so important as it opens so much language it also helps brain development and imagination. Asking a child questions about the book or to look for things is a great way to enhances on their knowledge and understanding.

It was then time to sing our song to transition to washing hands and delicious morning tea.

Indoor morning play:

  • Based on Thomas’s interest in drawing circles we decided to follow on with his interest and draw many circles for art today with the crayons. It was a hit with most of the children as they really enjoyed watching Miss Jess how to do it before giving it a go themselves.
  • Miss Hope put the box of puppets down on the floor for all friends to explore and go for gold. Puppets really expand their imagination, sparks nursery rhymes and stories!
  • Building towers with the small soft blocks! What an awesome job our friends did as they had to carefully stack them so they didn’t fall down, this took a lot of concentration and great fine motor skills.

This afternoon depending on the rain, we may or may not head outside for another play BUT we will have fun either way no matter what.

Thank You all for a lovely Monday♥

See you all soon.

Miss Jess, Miss Hope xx