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Good afternoon families and friends!

Welcome to Toddlers Two Room! We started our morning in Toddlers One Room while waiting for our friends to arrive and then was time to go Outdoor!

Outside this morning we practised our fine and gross motor skills as rode our bikes, climbed obstacle course and navigated our way around our playground… We also building with some blocks.

This week we are going to be learning all about different types of transport. We decided this would be a fun theme due to the children’s ongoing interest with sharing books about transport and transport play.

We sung our good morning songs as our transition songs, before washing our hands for morning tea. After morning tea the children happily explored the room and engaged in free-choice play. Baby doll`s, Lego pieces, home corner, magnetic game were the choice by children.

For Group time today we did some drawing and Miss Thais read the story book about “Transports” where the children could identified the names of each transport from the book. Dominic recognized the digger and Lachlan the motorbike. Alexia extended her interest by focusing on the transport puzzle.

We also enjoyed singing some of our nursery rhymes and we very proudly sang the song “Twinkle, twinkle little star” chosen by Kezia.

Love Miss Thais