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Happy Monday everyone!! we hope you all had a wonderful weekend, today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Luca, Lachlan H, Quinn, Alanis, Kezia, Alexia, Lachlan B and a very big welcome to our new friend Everly and her family.

We started our day joining Miss Thais on the mat for group time where she read the cuddle bear book where our friends enjoyed looking at the different animals in the book and made the noises of the lion, bear and elephant and mouse that were in the book. Miss Shelby joined us where she taught a new song singing 5 little Indians, Quinn used her finger to show the number one, Alanis held up all her fingers showing the number 10 and Lachlan showed the number 5 with one hand.

This Wednesday is multicultural day so today we started to focus and learn about different cultures through art and craft activities , today Miss Shelby provided some red, black, green and purple paint for the children to paint some Chinese dragons. While painting her dragon Quinn was observed doing dab, dab, dab with the paint brush.

Our friends Luca and Everly loved dancing with the maracas while Miss Thais read the story Alpacas with Maracas, shaking the maracas to make noises as Miss Thais read ” Alpacas with Maracas shake, shake, shake”.


Quinn, Alexia, Everly , Luca and Alanis were busy having pretend play with the baby dolls in the cradle, they pretended to rock the dolls to sleep in the cradle. together they showed kindness, sharing and turn-taking.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais