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Hi everyone! Welcome to Toddlers Two Room with Miss Thais.

We started out in the front yard mingling with all our friends and building acquaintances with our fellow cohort. Kezia and Dominic spent their morning building with the big blocks while Willow was having fun in the sandpit.

The Toddlers friends then transitioned indoors for a morning tea where we could use the spoons. This week the Toddler friends are practising their self -help skills during meal times as they show off their independence using spoons and forks to enjoy their meals. Our self help focus this week is also putting our drink bottles into the trolley to go outside.

For our Group time story today we chose “My Dinosaur dad” which we all listened to as Miss Thais read it. We decided that Dinosaurs would be a fun theme this week due to the children’s ongoing interest with sharing books about dinosaurs and dinosaurs play.

We play with dinosaurs on the mat and the children love to make the dinosaurs noises to each other saying “ROARRRR”. Encouraging more engagement in ‘dino play’ can foster key developmental skills including confidence in stem as well as creativity. It is also a great theme for craft and play. Today Miss Thais also created some dinosaurs hand prints to decorate our wall.

We have had a lovely day, and hope to see you all again this week.

Love Miss Thais