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Happy Harmony Day (yesterday but celebrating today)♥

Hello families and welcome to our Monday here in the Toddlers Two room♥ I hope you all have had a safe and well weekend despite the weather! Please keep safe x

What a beautiful day it was today and I look forward writing what we all got up to!

Today we spent the day indoors as mother nature let the rain pour on down but nevertheless as we all had a wonderful day inside! We started the morning off with the children spontaneously exploring throughout the room and engaging in a variety of self select activities such as;

  • Connecting the magnetics together and making all kinds of creations and looking at the different shapes and colours
  • Racing our cars through the garage and down the ramps
  •  Reading a puppet book with Miss Shae
  • Face paint with Miss Jess (orange love hearts for Harmony day)

When all our friends had arrived we then helped pack away the classroom as a team before we sat on the carpet with Miss Jess. For group time today Miss Jess had two large books about diversity and friendships. As we all flipped through the book Miss Jess would point out different things on each page and talked about how everyone belongs and that we should always acknowledge different cultures and show respect. For our activities today we danced to different cultural music and we even looked at an indigenous dance and listened to them play the digeridoo! We continued on from our art last week with our hands and we also were able to decorate our own person how we wanted to with glue and crafts! What a lovely way to celebrate Harmony Day.

WE ALL BELONG and does not matter what colour, shape or size we are, we all have a sense of belonging here in Australia. 

After we finished our planned activities we then headed to the carpet where we met with Miss Hayley who came for YOGA!! The children respond well to yoga and really engage with the breathing ball as they breath in and out and use the ball to go in and out at the same time. To end yoga Miss Hayley did ”Sleeping bunnies”. Thank you Miss Hayley and see you next week!

We then watched another little clip about Harmony Day, as the video was playing Miss Jess would pause it and explain to them that this is why we are wearing Orange and we have orange love hearts to show that we respect and acknowledge diversity and know that we all belong here♥

It was then time to get ready for lunch, we all washed our hands before we sat at the table with our water ready to eat some delicious food. After lunch we packed away and headed for our beds where we all had a lovely rest to recharge for this afternoons lovely adventure in the Toddlers Two room.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Shae and Miss Casey xx