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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Hendrix, Lachlan H, Quinn, Alanis, Luca, Lachlan B and Kezia into toddlers two.

For morning tea everyone enjoyed strawberries, peaches, watermelon, rice cracker pieces and yogurt in a cup, the children practiced their spoon feeding skills as they used the spoon to feed themselves. They also demonstrated self-help skills and independence to help put their dirty dishes away in the wash up container.

Today the children used white paint to make ghosts for Halloween, Miss Shelby sat down with a small group of children to do some conversational reading – A Halloween scare at my house. While looking at the book and talking about what we can see on the pages Lachlan B recognised where the pumpkin and bats where in the book as he pointed to the pumpkin and said ”it’s a pumpkin” and ”bats” while pointing to the bats when Miss Shelby said ” can you see where the bats are in the book. Kezia also showed interest in looking at the book while Miss Shelby was reading the story.

Our toddler one friends joined us with Miss Gabbi for yoga where they started off singing a Good Morning song to welcome everyone, they had fun catching bubbles, having relaxation time with the tickling feather and practiced our yoga positions.

Books were very popular with the group of children today with Miss Thais sitting down with the children to look at some books, as Hendrix brought in his toy tiger Miss Thais looked a book about Tigger the tiger – My furry Tigger Book, they also had a turn at pressing the buttons on the keyboard on Miss Shelby’s special musical book. Before having the children joined Miss Shelby on the mat to learn a new song- singing how many fingers, while listening to the song the children learnt how to count how many fingers on one hand, how many fingers on both hands, how many toes on one foot and how many toes on both feet. Miss Shelby counted how many eyes we have with Hendrix saying ”two”, one nose, two ears, one head, two shoulders, one mouth and one belly button.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais