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Good afternoon families,

We started the day out in the front yard mingling with all our friends and building acquaintances with our fellow cohort. We welcome our friends Lachlan, Onyx, Rania, Nayla, Lincoln, Isla, Dominic, Aria, Willow, Abel, Tairongo, Alanis and Ava.

Outside this morning we practised our fine and gross motor skills playing with Parachute and different colors balls. Later Lachlan decided to collect all the balls and our friends helped him to putting the balls into his little basket.

Miss Thais did a group time with our friends Outdoor today where she read to us some new book’s about Farm called “Onto the Farm”, “What’s on my Farm?” and “Noisy Farm”. This week we are going to be learning all about different types of farm animals. The children have been showing interest in the horses at the back the Yard, so it’s going to be a good time to learn more about Farm animals. They really enjoyed the books. We also sang our good morning song “Hello how are you” where the children loved doing the actions.

Later in the morning we transitioned inside the room and had our favourite morning tea which was yogurt, bananas and granolas.

This morning we extended on our farm animal theme with sensory play with Farm animals creatures Outdoor. Onyx, Lachlan, Nayla, Rania, Aria, Isla, Lincoln, Alanis loved to play with the animals with Miss Bec and Miss Maddi while Indoor Miss Thais set up some table with animals magnetics, boards, puzzles and also books about Farm animals. Ava, Dominic, Tairongo and Willow enjoyed the Farm animals puzzles. Abel loved the Farm animals magnetics. He said “pig and duck” while was playing with. Dominic, Willow and Alanis had such a good time as they sharing the books and the name and sound of the animals.

We continued on with practising our meal time self-help skills as the children confidently displayed their ability to use their forks and spoons to enjoy our lunch. The children also helped pack away their dishes and place their drinks in the basket.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi.