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Hello families and friends,

Welcome to Toddler Two Room with Miss Thais and our friends Dominic, Kezia, Willow, Lachlan and Alanis. We started our morning Outdoor enjoyed the swing. Kezia loved to push her friends on the swing… Riding bikes, play in the sandpit, climbing were the others activities that our friends enjoyed today.

We transitioned inside the Room where we singing our morning songs and washed our hands for morning tea. We had favourite morning tea, some fruit salad and yogurt. They ate everything and asked Miss Thais for more.

This week we are going to focus in learning our Body parts. Miss Thais set up a great activity for little ones to identify each body part and place the pieces where they go. To extend the activity, Miss Thais asked the child to identify other body parts such as knee, elbow, neck, chin, etc.

Other activities enjoyed today were Role play with baby dolls, Lego construction, puzzles…

Later in the morning the children requested  “Outside play”, so we put our hats on and was a good opportunity to talk about the sky, sun and the moon. When we came back inside the Room we did some painting about our interpretation about the “sky” using blue and yellow paint.

We have had a lovely day, and hope to see you all again tomorrow.

Love Miss Thais