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Happy Monday Everyone!!! hope you all had a wonderful weekend spent with your family and are staying safe.

With Easter quickly approaching we are starting our Easter art and craft today, after having a play outside we washed our hands where Miss Steph was singing ” this is the way we wash our hands ” to encourage and teach the children to use soap and water to wash their hands correctly. Everyone then sat down for some yummy fruit, sultanas and apricots for morning tea.

After morning tea all our friends joined Miss Shelby for a special touch and feel Easter story ” Happy Easter Peter ”while looking at the picture in the book it was so lovely hearing the children use their words to tell Miss Shelby what they could see in the book with Luca and Dominic saying ”duck” and rabbit” Kezia was saying ”my turn” while she was waiting to have a turn at touching and feeling the different textures of the duck, squirrel and rabbit in the book. Willow, Grace and Alexia were also having a turn at touching and feeling the textures which allowed them to use their sensory exploration skills as well as their fine motor skills.

Today the children used a variety of coloured paint to decorate their Easter basket, tomorrow the children will continue to decorate their baskets with some Easter foam decorations. While doing their painting of the Easter baskets the children had the choice in what coloured paint they wanted to use and they used their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to paint with the paint brushes.

The children were Miss Step’s little helpers today with them helping to clean the home-corner table and chairs outside with cloths and water.



Miss Shelby and Miss Steph