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Happy Monday everyone !!! we hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, today we welcome our friends Luca, Alanis, Willow, Henry, Grace and Lachlan.

What a jungle-themed fun day we had today as we continued to focus on the children’s interest last week of  the jungle through play experiences and story time. Today when Miss Shelby arrived she created a tiger sticking activity where the aim was for the children to stick the black stripes onto the tiger. While watching Miss Shelby put up the tigers on the wall Lachlan and Luca used  their words with Lachlan saying ” Tiger” and Luca saying ”raggh” as he put the stripes on the tiger.. All the children had a turn at sticking the black stripes onto the tiger.

Before morning tea everyone joined Miss Shelby for group time where she brought in a book to extend on the children learning of the jungle ”Follow that tiger” our friends Luca , Alanis and Lachlan were very engaged in this story as they recognised and named the animals they could see in the book with Willow pointing to the monkeys, Alanis showing Miss Shelby where the crocodile is on the page and saying ”snap, snap” and Henry showed Miss Shelby where the tiger was on the page as he pointed to where it was . After having some yummy fruit and yogurt for morning tea the children joined Miss Shelby back for another story where together they looked at the pictures in the book Miss Steph brought over the weekend to share with us.

Miss Steph was creating a jungle area in the book nook with green coloured crepe paper and today we put up the children’s snakes they made last Friday in our jungle area of our room and Miss Shelby also set up some contact on the door in our jungle exploration area for the children to stick some of the nature materials we collected last week onto the contact and also add the animal magnets to also stick up onto the contact paper.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph