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Happy Monday Everyone!!! we hope you all had a wonderful weekend.Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Luca, Quinn, Hendrix, Alanis,Alexia, Lachlan B and Lachlan H.

WOW cant believe it is a month today until Christmas, where has this year gone.

Today our toddler one friends, Miss Leesa and Miss Steph joined us for a play and rest in our room. After morning tea our friends Quinn, Luca, Lachlan H and Lachlan B were busy exploring, investigating and building with the coloured cube connectors. Quinn and Luca took it in turns to place the cubes onto each other and watched to see if the tower of cubes fall down. They both used their words to express their feelings and ideas while building together with Luca saying ”wow” as he placed the cubes on top of each other and Quinn saying ” oh no” when watching to see if the tower fall down.

Today we started creating our Christmas art where they children made some snowman out of white cotton balls and craft glue. during this art activity the children were shown how to stick the cotton balls down on the glue, they all did a great job at pressing the cotton balls down with their hands.

Miss Shelby brought in some Christmas books to share so before lunch the children from toddlers one joined us for group time where Miss Shelby looked at a counting Christmas book, while looking at the pictures and counting how many Christmas pictures were in the book miss Shelby said ” can you see the snowman” Luca responded by pointing to the snowman on the page. Miss Shelby also taught the children a knew song- ”When Santa got stuck in the chimney”, we will continue to sing and do the actions to this song so we can sing it at the children’s Christmas party.


REMINDER- CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY THURSDAY 12TH DECEMBER, $ 5 for raffle tickets and buy a girt for the hamper basket.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais