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Good afternoon Toddlers Two friends and family!

We have had a tremendous day here in toddlers two today, filled with lots of fun and laughter. We begun this beautiful day by welcoming all our amazing friends with warm welcoming cuddles as they came into the play ground. In the play ground this morning we had so many fun and exciting things to explore like mixing and baking in the mud kitchen, climbing up and through the playground structure and riding around the bike track with all our friends.

Today we are celebrating crazy hair day to help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone had such amazing crazy hairstyles with all the different colours and styles, we loved them all! No one missed out on this fun as we did up some of the children’s hair in all different kinds of crazy hairstyles too. We also set up a large mirror outside for all our friends to go an have a look at the crazy hair, they absolutely loved looking in the mirror as they had a laugh with their friends.

After all that fun we came inside for group time with Miss Gabi. All our friends walked into the room so nice and quiet and sat on the mat ready to begin. To start off group we turned on our listening ears for Miss Gabi as she read us a special book about friendships called ‘How to make a new friend’ as it is also international day of friendship. Once Miss Gabi had finished the book some of the children we saying “more book, more book!” so Miss Gabi read to the children ‘the three little pigs’. The children LOVE this story and were all so engaged. To finish group time we sung ”Bee Bee bumble bee” to smoothly transition to washing hands before morning tea which was a delicious Coconut Banana Split.

The children were able to self serve their own morning tea and using the spoons in each of the bowls to carefully scoop into their own bowls using great hand and eye coordination. This is not only an excellent way to enhance on fine motor skills but also gives them great courage to be able to do things themselves with confidence and DID YOU KNOW ”Scooping works on important skills like bilateral hand coordination, including using the non-dominant hand to assist as they would in holding the paper in writing, colouring, and cutting with scissor.” It is so wonderful to see the children blossom more and more.

When the children packed away they headed to explore their classroom, some children enjoyed building ramps with the wooden blocks for the cars go down, other children thought home corner, connecting with the connectors, popping the balls down the pipes and spontaneous reading was lots of fun for them. It was am eventful morning with a lot of self select activities for the children to enjoy throughout out their morning indoor exploration. Miss Gabi also had set up a fun pasta activity at the table. The children were able to thread the pasta onto the rope to make a necklace this again is a GREAT and FUN way to enhance on fine motor skills, strengthening hand muscles, increasing concertation and persistence and pincer grasp practice too.

When we had finished tidying the room up, the children raced outside to have a jolly time with all their friends before they came inside for a scrumptious lunch which was Nourishing Sweet Potato, Lentil and Spinach Sausage Rolls, before a very reenergised rest for this afternoons adventure.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess xx