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Hello families and friends…

 This morning the children were so excited to venture outdoors. Miss Thais played the song “Going on a Dragon Hunt” and our friends followed Miss Thais doing the actions from the song. We found a tree in the “forest” where our friends could touch and also we hid in the “cave” from the “dragon”. The Toddler friends enjoyed turns on the swing. Some friends also practiced their pedaling skills on the 3-wheeler bikes and racing the wheelbarrows around the bike track.

This week we are going to be learning colours. Miss Thais introduced to them some cards with images and colours “Red apple”, “Blue whale”, “yellow sun” and then asked them “What colour is the carrot?”, “What colour is the cat?”, “Can you give me the pink pig?”. Dominic found a card and he said “Carrot”. Willow liked the “pink pig” and Lachlan the “black cat”. We will focus on learning colours with different activities this week… Colour recognition is an important step in cognitive development for children. It plays a part in object recognition, and helps a child develop the descriptive language skills that will ensure clear communication.

 At group time – enjoyed listening to Miss Thais read “The three little pigs”

 This week the Toddler friends are also practicing their self -help skills during meal times as they show off their independence using spoons to enjoy their meals.

 We have had a lovely day and hope to see you all again tomorrow.

Miss Thais