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Glorious Monday♥

A warm welcome Toddlers two class and welcome families to our exciting Monday were we were able to investigate BUGS!!!!! ♥

This morning we started off in the Toddler One room, exploring their environment and enhancing greater friendships with our friends and teachers from Toddler One! Engaging in a variety of fun learning experience with our friends enjoying the soft blocks in the construction area, pushing the little bug wheels around the room and hopping on the little bouncing cows, it was amazing to see our friends building  positive relationship with the children next door.

The time goes so fast when we are having so much fun with our friends, it was then was time for packing way our toys and start our morning routine. After the children washed their hands they grabbed their water bottles and sat at the tables as they waited for their turn to self serve their own plates.
For our morning tea today we had  delicious scrumptious coconut banana split served with coconut yogurt and medley seasonal fresh fruits and was a success around here, the children were saying “MORE, MORE” Indi and Thomas said ”I like this” 😊

After morning tea it was time for our group time, today Miss Lea bought special “friends” into our room, she lead a BUG SHOW  for our friends. Miss Lea introduced two different beautiful species of bugs – BETTLES and SNAILS then she explained to us about the bugs life, what they ate, and what one was female or male, and also showed us little tricks with the insects. Our friends LOVED this experience, they were so gentle looking at the bugs and after they were able to touch them, or let the insects walk on their arms! 😊 The children had this amazing opportunity to be closer to this fabulous insects, and also this experience supporting to develop inners, building self steam helping building confidence in our friends, building a appreciation and respect for their environment .
After the show we extended in the children interest for insects and we decided going to outside searching for insects and bugs in the garden area! ♥

For lunch today we had another nutritive and yummy meal a Nourishing sweet potato, lentil and spinach sausage rolls as a plant based lunch and a Nourishing sweet potato, salmon and spinach sausage rolls for the sustainable animal protein option, both were served with delicious salad bar!
lunch time was a success around here too ♥

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

With Love,
Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Lea.