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Good afternoon families, and happy Monday!

Today Miss Thai, Bec and Maddi welcomed Abel, Millie, Nayla, Ava, Aria, Rania, Willow, Dominic, Kezia, Lachlan and Onyx into the yard where the children loved to explore, riding bikes, make different shaped sand castles and play in the water kitch with their friends. In the sand today, Miss Bec made a turtle and, a teddy bear sandcastle which the children loved to ‘destroy’ as they counted down by saying “ready, set, smash”. Miss Thais then sat us down outdoors and read us ‘the gingerbread man’. We loved this book so much, looking at the different pictures of cakes and donuts as the gingerbread man explored the kitchen.

The children then transitioned inside for morning tea which was yoghurt and fruit. Abel also brought in some apples and mini bananas for us to enjoy which was amazing, thank you! We loved it!

After morning tea, the children had some indoor free play, as well as Miss Thais having an activity set up for us at the table. The activity today extended on our gingerbread theme. The children were given a gingerbread template, and had access to glue and confetti. This allowed them to decorate their own gingerbread man by using their creative skills.

We then went back outdoors for a little while, where we continued to explore, play with water and climb over the obstacle course. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. So we tranistioned inside where we sat down and ate chicken, tuna, rice, salad and sushi. Yum!

We have had a beautiful day,

Love Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xx