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Welcome to December everyone!!! only 10 more days to go until Santa comes to visit at our Christmas party next Thursday 12th December.

Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Lachlan H, Alexia, Lachlan B, Charlotte, Luca and Hendrix.

We joined Miss Shelby and Miss Thais for group time where we did singing together, we started singing and doing the actions to twinkle twinkle little star where Hendrix and Charlotte both showed us how they can made a diamond with their fingers while we sang ” like a diamond ” in the sky. Charlotte asked to sing ”Old McDonald’s farm so we sang the song together with Charlotte saying there was a pig on the farm, Hendrix saying there was a cow on the farm as he said ” cow, moo moo” and Luca followed and extended on his own interest and ideas by going to the farm animal. puzzle and getting the horse puzzle piece to show Miss Shelby.

Today Miss Shelby brought out Elf on the Shelf, we talked to the children about Effie the Elf watching us for Santa. During activity time Effie was seen sitting up on different shelves around the room. He was watching the children from the top of the reading nook when Miss Shelby said ” can you find our friend Effie” our friends all responded by recognising where the Elf was as they pointed to him and said ” there he is”.

For art today the children painted Christmas candy canes with red and white paint and thin paint brushes, while painting their candy canes this activity helps develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills.

Miss Gabby arrived for Yoga and everyone was so excited to see her! During yoga Charlotte and Lachlan B did “Downward- Facing Dog” and “Cat pose”. She also showed them her special book with Animal Poses to introduce to children to yoga. They also enjoyed bursting the bubbles Miss Gabby was blowing with her bubble wand.

Lachlan B said to Miss Shelby  ” look i got a sticker” and Hendrix also said ” i did it’, Luca showed helpfulness has he helped Miss Gabbi wheel her yoga trolley out the door.