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Welcome to the month of March, cant believe how quick the months are going by already, today Miss Shelby welcome our friends Luca, Willow, Henry, Alanis, Grace and Lachlan.

After a play outside we joined Miss Shelby on the mat for group time where she read ”The snake said SHHH” While looking at the pictures in the book Alanis recognised where the snake was on the page as she pointed to the snake and Luca and Lachlan copied Miss Shelby saying ”Shhh” like the snake as they held their finger up to their mouth.

After having our morning tea we had some dress up fun with animal dress ups that Miss Shelby brought to extend on our interest and learning of the jungle last week where Luca and Grace were pretending to be Cats with Luca saying meow, meow, cat” , Lachlan pretending to be a monkey saying ” I’m monkey” and Alanis pretending to be a bear saying ”wow” as Miss Shelby put the bear ears on her head.

Miss Shelby also set up some animal puzzles on the mat where Willow was bust exploring the different animal pieces to figure how to put the back into the correct place. Luca and Alanis were engaging with Miss Shelby showing her the different animal pieces. Henry was listening to a story Miss Steph was quietly reading with a small group of children.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph