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Happy Monday!

Hello families of the Toddlers Two room and welcome back from the weekend to a glorious Monday here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

We started the morning off engaging in a variety of activities throughout the room, such as…..

  • Self selecting books of their interest, they happily looked through the book and were intrigued to see what was waiting to be seen on the other pages as they turn the page over. Some of the books they read were ” 5 Big and busy trucks”, ”Dinosaur shapes” and ”101 first words”
  • Role playing in home corner has been popular lately as the children really enjoy cooking, making delicious meals for their friends or their babies. Indi and Mathias had so much fun cooking up a storm together and using such wonderful imagination and laughing with glee.
  • Musical instruments! So much joy and laughter was had as they shake the shakers high in the air as well as grooving to the sounds they were making.

Before we knew it, morning tea had arrived! We all showed our great helping skills as the children packed away so nicely before we came to the carpet for a group time to calm our bodies down before indulging in their nutrient morning tea. In group time the children all took some deep breaths in before blowing back out, this helps to catch our breath and starting to calm down. Miss Hope then did some ‘copy me actions’, Can you touch your head? Can you touch your nose? The children did a fantastic job at showing great concentration skills as well as showing they can follow instructions. Miss Hope then read a book called ”Possum magic” and ”The little bear who lost her way”. Throughout both books the children were intrigued and showed lovely listening skills.  It was then time to sing the transition song to wash our hands for morning tea.

For morning tea they had Tuity Fruity Trifle with Mangoes, Custard and Crunchy Granola. Now that their tummies are nice and full of delicious food they packed away before adventuring around their classroom.

Miss Jess set up some interesting sensory play! GOOP! Jackson, Edward, Kynell, Indi, Noah, Peyton and Beau LOVED this! They enjoyed burying their hands into the goop, pulling them out, squeezing it between their fingers and poking it. Edward said ”Colour blue Miss Jess” as he dived his hands deep into the goop and pulled them out to show me! Edward then pointed to the outside of the bowl and said “Blue bowl”. Edward showed great colour recognition. Meanwhile Cameron was happily problem solving with the puzzles at the table as he had to think what puzzle fits where, Cameron did a wonderful job as he completed one by himself! Oliver and Thomas using their building skills as they make towers with the small blocks, before they fell over and then they built them up again! Mathias enjoyed caring for the baby doll on the mat as well as playing with the magnetic connectors.

Miss Hayley then arrived for YOGA! The children helped to tidy up the area around them before they began yoga. In yoga today Miss Hayley showed the children two shells she got from the beach this morning. Miss Hayley held the shells to the children’s ears and asked ”Can you hear the ocean” some children said ”Yes” Afterwards when all children had a turn of hearing the ocean, they did sleeping bunnies to warm up their bodies before they came together to take some deep breaths in and out and using the breathing ball. Thank you Miss Hayley for the session today and see you next week.

Before lunch we all headed outside to journey around the double slide playground! The children took foot to the obstacle course as they showed their great coordination and balancing skills. The children enjoyed exploring this environment and watching the cars drive by with their friends. After our big run outside the children all then came inside to wash their hands before they sat down at the table for lunch. For lunch today they had Authentic Italian Baked Ziti. The children then packed away once they were satisfied. It was then time to rest their bodies as they reenergised for this afternoons whirl of wonder and fun.

Depending on the weather we may or may not head outside for a lovely afternoon adventure and an afternoon picnic. Either indoor or outdoor we will have a joyful afternoon.

Sadly the photos are not uploading, however we have printed out some for you to view in the classroom.

Thankyou all for today,

See you all soon.

Miss Jess, Miss  Hope and Miss Gabi xx